Greener Pasture

a custom exempt mobile livestock processor and private chef services based in Boulder County, Colorado 

"Every animal destined to become food deserves a great life, a good death, a skilled butcher, a reverent chef and a grateful consumer."

- Robert Grant
Greener Pasture

"The true butcher knows that his work is a piece of art, the most delicate craft of all that we eat and all that nurtures us.  A true butcher knows that his objective is not the pursuit of expansion or profit, but rather to become the master of his own art."

- Dario Cecchini
Revered Italian Butcher

I am a chef and butcher.  I am a husband and father.  I am a business owner, a mentor, a mechanic, a driver of tractors, a catcher of fish, a believer, a friend, a lover of music.  I am a handyman, a carnivore, a teller of dad jokes and a fanatic drinker of coffee. I am here to be of service.