About Me

I started Greener Pasture in April 2020 shortly after being laid off from my Executive Chef position.  Like millions of my chef brothers and sisters I had become virtually unemployable overnight when the pandemic hit.  Throughout my 20 year career, I had made it a priority to learn how to slaughter and butcher livestock as a part of my culinary skill set. I spent 2 decades developing the skills and techniques of whole animal butchery, charcuterie, salumi and cooking.  I was given the opportunity to exercise many of these skills when a local farm reached out to ask if I could help process a few sheep for them.  Through this first interaction I learned just how dire the situation is for our smaller local farms.  Lack of access to processing is a constant nightmare for folks raising livestock to feed their local community.  I have therefore made it my mission to provide compassionate and comprehensive livestock processing services to all who need it.